Singapore City Walking Tour

Updated: Nov 6, 2019


Exchange may be ending soon / Been here for some time now but still feel like you haven't really explored Singapore or know much about it? Don’t miss the final 2 sessions of our City Tour on 26 Oct and 9 Nov as we go on a fun-filled trip to learn more about this stunning city we call home :) *Locals and Young Working Professionals are welcomed too!* IOn the International Students Edition of the award winning Sneak Peek City Tour led by recent NUS alumnus Darren Goh (read more about him below), participants will be able to gain a better understanding of the journey Singapore has taken to become the modern, glitzy, global city that it has now become. What are you waiting for? Take a sneak peek with us on this weekend! What you can look forward to: - Comprehensive walking tour covering Singapore's history, culture and development - Extremely suitable for visitors who have a limited time and want just ONE good tour - Hear interesting and quirky stories about life here on this sunny island, past and present - Step back in time and explore the streets and alleyways of Singapore oldest districts - Get in touch with some of Singapore’s most exquisite heritage buildings - Walk through the five-foot ways where Crazy Rich Asians was filmed - See stunning scale models of Singapore and learn how this city-state does urban planning - Taste local food you would likely not have tried yet! - Private tour consisting of international & local students from the various colleges led by an award winning and licensed tour guide who is also a NUS alumnus - Receive local food recommendations at the lunch spot Don't leave Singapore without this! Sign up now here.

**This tour is provided by our partner Jet & Ming.**

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