Taking the MRT from the airport to Wink @ Chinatown

Updated: Oct 26, 2019

This information is meant to guide you from the Changi Airport to Wink @ Chinatown (8a, Mosque Street) by MRT. Click here for direction to Wink @ Downtown (2b, McCallum Street).

In fact, if your flight lands in Singapore during the day/evening timing (i.e. 6am to 11pm), it is a good idea to try out the Singapore Mass Rapid Transit system (a.k.a MRT).

Besides it's cost-saving, it is also very much hassle-free, and further you would arrive almost at the doorstep of Wink Hostel at Chinatown station (we are just 3 to 5 minutes walk away from Exit A of Chinatown station)

Shown here is the MRT network map of Singapore. If you would choose this option,

  1. You would embark from the Airport Station (CG2).

  2. Alight at Expo Station (CG1) and walk over to the Downtown Line.

  3. Board the train towards the city, and you would arrive at Chinatown Station (DT19) some 40 minutes later.

  4. Take Exit A . Click here for the turn-by-turn direction to Wink @ Chinatown (8A, Mosque Street).

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