Chinatown Opera Festival 2019

Chinatown Business Association (CBA) is proud to present Chinatown Opera Festival 2019, the first ever opera festival showcasing Singapore’s rich local heritage and culture. Supported by the Singapore Tourism Board, the festival will run from 20th to 24th November 2019 at the bustling Chinatown district, a go-to destination for both locals and tourists.

With this dynamic opera festival, travel back in time and relive the nostalgic days of performance art in the 1950s and 60s. Experience Chinese opera through exquisite performances, curated atmosphere accompanied with sentimental food items.

From Hainanese 琼剧 and Hokkien 福建戏 opera day performances to the more popular Cantonese opera 粤剧, expect an array of vibrant Cantonese opera night performances 粤剧 by Local and International troupe (shows are English subtitled).

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